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Selling yourself with the help of short film sales agents can speed up your process significant. Many distributors may offer to distribute on a sharing basis. Check out the list of buyers and distributors provided by Raindance. This is an old list but you can get the list of the companies who buy and distribute short films. Short films of late have become hot on some cable channels.

Everyone needs content and short films has become an effective way to entertain their audience. You can approach the channels which showcase short films on a daily basis or on weekends.

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Many corporate sponsor short films if it is based on their products are on subjects which deal with the products. Companies like BMW once come with series of short films. Sponsorships walk into wave either you produce the film after you have found a suitable sponsor are you approach the sponsor with your film which is closely based on their domain. They can buy your film for their DVD releases. Many Cruises and Airlines buy short films to entertain their customers and so does some hotels. Video consumption online is growing at an insane pace.

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Short film demands too are increasing day by day due to daily consumption of video on cell phones. It is good news for the short film makers as well. YouTube and Vimeo are still the giants in distributing short films worldwide. Go through their terms and guidelines before you decide to deal with this platforms. My short film was hijacked by video on demand service which took away my YouTube rights.

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So you should always go for the non-exclusive contracts with several online platforms which increases your distribution potential to several platforms as well as regions. There are broadly three types of Video on demand film distribution. If you made your film in the US, there's no saying that it won't play well to people in France, and vice versa. The list, compiled by UniFrance , contains 50 distributors from 17 different countries. The last time the list was updated was in so it may be a bit outdated, but we were assured by Raindance that "the short film distribution market doesn't change seismically, like it does with feature distribution.

Australia Tel. For short films: running time between 5' and 25'. All genres. Films must be subtitled in English. Distribution media: cable and satellite services. Present at Clermont-Ferrand and at numerous international film festivals and markets. Company specializing in video publishing and short film distribution on DVD. Maximum running time: 15'. French versions accepted. License period: 5 years, all territories.

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Present at international film festivals and markets. For short film distribution: required running time between 10' and 20', maximum 30'. Genres: all genres except experimental films. Period of license: 1 year exclusive. Territories: all territories priority territories: Europe, United States, Asia. Running time between 10' and 15'; less than 5' for theatrical release. Genres: fiction, animated films, comedies, sci-fi, thrillers, crime, action, drama. Distribution of series: running time between 30 sec. Genres: fiction films animated films. Must be subtitled in English.

Present at Clermont-Ferrand and numerous international film festivals and markets. Films of maximum 30' running time, ideal length 20', all genres, English subtitles essential. Selection made from films sent to their own festival Interfilm Berlin, held in November. Present at international markets.

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German agency for international short film distribution. Theatrical release: Maximum running time: 10', all genres, non-exclusive 7-year contract for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Fees and conditions negotiable. Present at Clermont-Ferrand and at other international festivals and markets. Friedensallee 7 Hamburger, Germany Tel. Acquisition of films and TV movies for German-speaking territories; sales of productions for the leading channel, ARD; coproductions. Reelport is the official submission platform of several European film festivals as well as a distribution platform specialised in the digital exploitation of film D-Cinema, IPTV, Mobile, etc.

In our online catalogue, cinemas can search for films, watch them in DVD quality and take a look at the films' licence details.

Rothehausstrasse 1A Cologne, Germany Tel.

short film distribution deals Short film distribution deals
short film distribution deals Short film distribution deals
short film distribution deals Short film distribution deals
short film distribution deals Short film distribution deals
short film distribution deals Short film distribution deals

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