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Share Busted Tees Coupons. Sign up for the Shirt of the Month club for savings and free shipping. Read More. West Marine Coupons. The North Face Coupons. Abstract : Security folk generally talk about how the Internet of Things is bad for security, but it also brings new sensors and connected devices that could co-operate in new and interesting ways.

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Could we use internet things to enhance security? This was a bit of a joke talk, meant to poke fun at how security people talk doom and gloom about internet of things, but also a way to talk sideways about how internet things are both terrible and terrific if you think like a hacker. The slides are also in the video. Terri at October 14, PM.

Perhaps the most well-known of open source bugs this year is heartbleed , notable as much for its marketing as technical merit. Step 3 Cut various thinner strips to be the bleeding drips. Step 4 Sew each side of top to tapered strip Step 5 Carefully sew bottom of two hearts together, placing drips at appropriate intervals. Step 6 Curse and pull out drips and re-sew so they actually hang correctly.

Several times. Since my office and indeed, half of the house had no floor, there was a lot of frantic searching for the sewing machine. Thankfully, we did find the sewing machine, but in the end, the only red thread I could find came from a promotional sewing kit I got from Raytheon at some Grace Hopper Celebration past.

Seems sort of hilariously appropriate. Terri at October 12, PM. Abstract : With high profile breaches in open source projects, the issue of security has become one of great import to many people. But many projects, especially smaller ones, are intimidated by the idea of a security audit. This talk will discuss ways for smaller projects to experiment, learn, and even have fun improving their security.

No PhDs in security required! Hope you like it! Terri at October 07, PM. This is from a little ball of Misti Alpaca that I picked up on the last day of my tatting class more on that later! I wish I could justify the cost and time of a sweater made out of this stuff — its light, soft, and seems pretty warm. Maybe someday. The plan, half-executed, is to make a little tiny soft hat that can be stuffed in a jacket pocket.

A thin tuque , I guess. Misti Tui from Misti Alpaca. My plan is to continue the stockinette without decreases to make slight kitty ears. Terri at October 05, AM.

Classic Shadow

But linen yarn, when you first get it, is usually sort of stiff and hard. Maybe working with it more will help, though! Comments welcome! Ooh, a crochet pattern! I enjoyed working with this, even though you have to be careful where you put your needles so as not to tear the delicate threads in the center of the ribbon. Although honestly, a little tilt would probably just make a scarf look more modern, anyhow.

This is a really weird yarn, with that core of stiff linen combined with silk and viscose. That said, it was kind of fun to knit with. The stitch definition is amazing and the swatch interesting enough to showcase it. I would be happy to work with this yarn again as long as I could get another colourway. Maybe if I trust in it softening up it would make a great summer lacy overlayer thing — it certainly holds a pattern pretty nicely.

It was lovely to work with, and really shows off the swatch pattern. I could see doing dishtowels with it, which is more likely to happen. Especially with the swatch pattern included. Plus, I quite liked a couple of the stitch patterns which were also new to me.

Terri at July 11, PM. BTW, I chose the title for this post because of my half-finished picture. There is a misconception that everything to do with being analytical is confined to one side of the brain, and everything to do with being creative is confined to the opposite side, Anderson said. In fact, it is the connections among all brain regions that enable humans to engage in both creativity and analytical thinking. They looked at activity in 7, brain regions, and examined neural connections within and between these regions.

Although they saw pockets of heavy neural traffic in certain key regions, on average, both sides of the brain were essentially equal in their neural networks and connectivity. This is a pretty simple pattern: make a skullcap, put a lot of i-cord on it. This makes it not so great as an all-winter Canada hat, but ok for warmer climates or indoor costume use.

Terri at June 18, PM. I made this Twilight Sparkle for a friend and then, uh, took a year or something to get it to her. I am the worst at mailing things in the end, J gave it to her in person and I never mailed it! This is a pattern I made myself, and this Twilight Sparkle is actually one of the first ponies I made after I had actually published the pattern.

If I wanted to her to have a bigger range of positions I could have wired her legs, but this is just the qualities of the yarn and stuffing. Closer look at her rump so you can see the cutie mark. Or make jokes about butt-shots, whatever. I chose it for photos because of the colour, but it does seem like something she might enjoy, eh?

Overall, my biggest regret on this one was not sending her out sooner. Sorry about the delay, Katie! Terri at June 15, PM.

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  5. You might remember that I posted week 1 and 2 photos from this KAL , but forgot to post the other two weeks of photos and finished object photos here. Michele is also known as PDXKnitterati. This is the first pattern of hers that I tried, but definitely not the last! She sells them online if you want your own! Just check out Flying Corgi Studio on Etsy.

    I love those beads! Her patterns are really well-described, she always has great photos, and good tech editing. She had a few on sale earlier in the year and I bought a few and picked up yarn during the yarn crawl to make them, so expect to see a few more of her designs featured here! Plus she keeps the momentum up with weekly prizes and always has good advice if you need it, including for ways to modify and adapt a pattern to suit you better. I am so pleased with myself for finishing! Thanks to my friend M the same friend who made the teacup pincushion! Great pattern, great KAL, and I love my finished shawllette.

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    Terri at June 11, PM. The cut across the top is my fault overzealous in opening the package! Anyhow, this is a cute baby pattern with a picture of a cute baby. I like the wide neckline and use of the patterned and solid yarns. I wish it had a link in Ravelry so I could dump it in my queue more easily!

    The yarn is a soft cotton, a bit easy to split but not unmanageable. The problem here was mostly in the swatch pattern:. Not great. So I switched it instead so the sl1 became an ssk so that everything lined up, and I got something much more what I had in mind:. Oh well!

    Shopping at Kohl's: Tips, Tricks, & Coupon Codes - Fabulessly Frugal

    This is a much thicker yarn than the first, but still pretty soft because of the many small strands in the loose twist. As usual, the upside is soft, the downside is splitty here. This seems like a nice workhorse cotton that really shines with textures. Just look at how well it shows off the cable of the swatch.

    Deep texture, nice crisp holes even before blocking. But if I were to make a sweater out of cotton or wanted to add a texture to a summer piece, this yarn would be a great choice. It clocks in at just over 4. First, a few more shots to show you the colours in this ball:. But obviously what really makes it stand out is that colourway, which is a really neat self-striping pattern that totally evokes beaches. Do people knit cotton socks with it, maybe? Oh, also, I deviated from the swatch recommendation here, sort of. I actually did the swatch as written, but they claimed row 1 was RS and row 7 was WS which, if it was true, would have made this bands of stockinette and seed stitch.

    But what was written went knit side of the stockinette to seed to purl side to seed and then repeat. I thought this was fun, so i did it that way. Terri at June 08, PM. The girls who recieved them might give them other names, but I suspect these might stick given how many times their dad and I went to Arrogant Worms shows over the years!

    For those not familiar with this particular musical gem…. Rippy the Gator went chomp, chomp, chomp! So when I saw this creative pattern with the textured stitches and the nostril and eyebrow shaping, I knew I had to try it. Link to my Rippy and Chompy the Gators as a project on Raverly. Since these were going to two kids under the age of two, those are all important things! As a result, I rarely love them the way I like the crochet ones!

    But this one was cool enough that I wanted to try it anyhow. You do have to be a bit careful with stuffing this one because of the properties of knitting, though. When I first stuffed the nose, it lost shape and you could barely see the nice nostril shaping, and you can tell if you look at the photos that the tails are different widths. Under-stuff rather than over-stuff on this one. The pattern is very clear and easy to read. The only thing I might have changed is that I found the legs a bit long once I had them sewn on.

    A little movement can make things look way more cute or a bit uncanny, and I found this was especially true with the legs on this one: in some places, they made it look like spider gator! I may make this one again! Terri at June 04, AM. My friends are having their 2nd child, and since I actually kind of love making baby sweaters so small! I decided to prepare something to welcome her into the world.

    This year there were 15 shops in the Portland area participating. I went a little overboard with the buying, since you got a free pattern sometimes two! Can you spot the yarn I used in the photo of my whole Rose City Yarn haul? The blend is a bit less stiff than many cottons, and less scratchy than many sparkly yarns. But when I saw the blue sparkly cotton yarn, I knew I wanted to try it for the baby sweater. Starry sweater! I might just love stars. Hey, that second photo was taken on a trip with dad K! Most recently at the big Maker Faire in San Mateo! But that blue yarn said space, and astronomy is science, so thus the sweater was born!

    Offest Wraplan pattern link on ravelry. I made some changes to do a more mistake-rib style ribbing on it in the end, because I liked the way it looked in that yarn in my test swatch. That change was a bit annoying to translate because of the way the pattern reverses things so I had to flip where my twisted stitches were, but I figured it out. The one thing I should say is that you should pay attention to the number of stitches you pick up for the front panel.

    When I picked up every one, I got this:. So I had to rip that back and try again, skipping a few stitches when I picked up to make it straight. I had originally planned for there to be a big star on the side of this sweater and then regular buttons, but when I saw the star buttons in the store I changed my plans:. But now I had a problem. Would I have to futz over making the star exactly match the buttons or it would drive me crazy? I always am pleased when I see French down in the US at all, and the baby this is for has lots of francophones in her family tree!

    And while I was at it, I figured I might as well add a washing instruction label. Never hurts to be sure of how you should care for a handknitted piece, although knowing her dad it was bound to be machine washed and dried no matter what! The sparkles in this are absolutely amazing in person, and the yarn was easy to work with.

    I love how it holds crisp corners, so I think it was a good fit for this pattern even though there exist softer cottons I could have tried. I love the shape of the final project with the wide neckline, and I liked the way it left space for my own themeing. You could make hundreds of these and not feel like any of them were really the same. I wonder if I could scale up this sweater to her size and do it in some other pretty yarn… It may be just the grabbiness of a then almost-two year old, but I take it to mean that the baby astronomy sweater is an object of desire.

    Whims of almost-two-year-olds aside, I liked this and will almost certainly make this pattern again! Terri at June 01, PM. Only two samples once again, but I liked them! The samples for April The merino gives it bounce and the yak adds just a little haze. I love this yarn.

    Soft but shows off the stitch pattern nicely. This was definitely a treat! Look at it, even before it was blocked:. I liked this stitch motif for the swatch, which makes a nice zigzaggy cable across the top of each rib. I may have to find a way to use this in a pattern!

    And here it is blocked:. This is a really nice soft cotton. Not fuzzy the way the yak yarn is, but easy to bend and knit. It looks ok in the ball. Interesting, at least. But put it together into a stitch pattern and it seriously makes this look like a grimy paint rag:. I think I actually like the reverse side better in this case! But I did enjoy the yarn even if I think the colourway is too much and the stitch pattern is too nasal. I would consider buying this in another colour if I had a project that could use a soft cotton.

    I definitely feel like I got more bang for my buck than last month. I was worried these might pile up with all the travel I do, but in practice I really like having quick knit projects when I want a break from my bigger works in progress, or as a palette cleanser while I decide what to work on next.

    Terri at May 14, PM. One of my personal goals for was to try knitting an adult-sized sweater. After a few test swatches, I decided it would be nicest in a simple stockinette that showcased the homespun feel of the yarn, since the other things I tried seemed to be fighting it. I decided to add some sleeves. So I picked up stitches around the arm opening and did them seamless-style.

    I knit the sleeves straight at the top, with stripes to match the body. My stripes are 8 rows wide. When I got down to a bit before wrist length, I decided belled sleeves would be hilarious in this yarn because of the way it drapes. I cast off using some ludicrously stretchy bind-off from this page comparing bind-off methods. The thing you might not notice immediately is that I decided to add a crochet border along the neckline.

    I found that the sweater as was tended to be a little too off-the-shoulder on me, and since my sister has much less wide shoulders, I figured that would be annoying and would eventually stretch it out to the point of uselessness. So I looked up stabilizing methods online and settled on a simple single crochet. Terri at May 05, PM. The swatch pattern leaves faint lines across the piece. I guess at least it has nice stitch definition, and it seems like it might be warm and hard-wearing for stuff like slippers?

    You can also see there that the white swatch is really not square. But I still enjoyed knitting up the samples for the purpose of trying new stitch patterns, and I learned a useful thing about making eyelash yarn knit up more densely, something that I think will be useful for scarves and hats in the future. Terri at April 07, PM. I love the swatch pattern! Front unblocked and blocked: Back unblocked and blocked: Those colours are great, although I will caution that they bled a little upon blocking.

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