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You are required to provide us with correct and verifiable information while making flight reservation. No misrepresentation of facts is entertained at iEagle. We reserve the right to cancel your booking in case of any default on your part. If your request for booking a trip is found to be unauthorized, or your information is found to be incorrect during or after our booking and ticketing process, iEagle at its sole discretion can cancel the booking without notifying you and without any liability to recompense the loss caused to you or refund against cancellation.

You agree not to hold iEagle liable for any loss in the event of cancellation. Most airlines do not accept unfair booking practices such as hidden-city ticketing and back-to-back ticketing. These are strictly forbidden practices which result in booking cancellation, denial to boarding, or additional cost. Make sure to check the relevant airline' terms of service and comply with the same while booking an itinerary with iEagle. If you are found to indulge in those forbidden practices, we too have the right to cancel your booking with the relevant airline.

No request for refund is acceptable in this case. Back-to-back ticketing - Booking more than one trip to the same destination, in the same name and with the same airline, on corresponding travel dates. Hidden-city-ticketing - Booking a connecting flight with one stopover or more in between the departure and arrival points to get down at the connection point without completing the journey, instead of booking a direct flight. If you neither turn up to catch a confirmed flight before its scheduled departure nor cancel your trip by calling the airline or our customer care department in time, your ticket will be considered a 'No-show' ticket which holds no value.

No-show tickets are non-reusable and non-refundable. No-show tickets are automatically canceled by airlines. A no-show ticket applies to one's entire reservation and results in cancellation of the whole itinerary, as per airline's terms and conditions which are out of our control. To be precise, if you do not show up for an outbound flight, the connecting flight s and the return flight in case of a round trip in your reservation will be automatically canceled as a result of no-show. And, no refund will be processed by airlines. If you book your outward trip and return trip in two different reservations, your no-show ticket for the outward flight will not affect the return flight.

We have the right to cancel your reservation under such circumstances as fair errors, incorrect fair display, issues with the booking page, inefficient payment system, etc. We may accept your request for refund against cancellation or offer you alternative options in this case if your ticket is refundable.

Their decision is in line with their policies. Airlines, at times, change the flight departure schedule time or date or both following a change in their operations or operating hours. Scheduled flights are often cancelled under such circumstances as bad weather, natural disaster, bankruptcy, etc. You are required to check and follow the relevant airline's terms of service. However, we will notify you of flight cancellation and flight schedule change at the earliest. At the same time, you are required to reconfirm the flight schedule and check updates with the relevant airline prior to the scheduled departure.

Usually airlines grant waiver or refund in case of involuntary flight schedule change by more than 90 minutes. But, airlines may not give waiver or refund in case actual flight schedule is postponed or preponed by lesser than 90 minutes. Waiver or refund against involuntary flight schedule change is governed by airlines policy, which is out of our control.

If the airline changes the scheduled flight time on the departure day or cancels the flight 4 hours before the departure, we will update you by sending a notification alert to your email ID. You may be notified in some other way. However, the email is considered as the final alert in the event of failure of other mediums to reach you. Some flight types and itinerary types are not refundable against flight cancellation within 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure. We are not liable to accept your request for refund. It is recommended that you check the relevant airline's refund policy or contact the airline directly.

There may be a change in the flight schedule due to extreme weather on the day of departure. Flights are often delayed or cancelled due to extreme weather at the connection point or at the destination city airport. Airlines have the sole authority to decide on refund against cancellation in this case.

Airlines may change flight schedules anytime. If the schedule of your confirmed flight is changed within 90 minutes before the departure, be advised to contact the airline for cancellation and refund. If a connecting flight at the layover airport is delayed or cancelled due to any operational issue with the airline, iEagle is not responsible for refund. Be advised to contact the airline directly. Make sure to contact the airline for updates on the flight service status. A booked itinerary is not confirmed until it is ticketed.

Sometimes, airlines revise the fare of ticketed itineraries. We make sure to notify customers about the revised fare of their confirmed itineraries. If the fare is increased after revision, you have the right to cancel the confirmed booking or you can agree to pay the additional amount. The relevant airline may accept your refund request in the event of cancellation, depending on its policy.

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If you cancel the reservation by calling our customer service team within 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure, we consider your refund request and process it with the relevant airline. The airline's 'refund against cancellation' policy is taken into account. We strive to provide accurate display of the itinerary details of every trip on the booking page of our website iEagle.

Unfortunately, it may happen that there is some issue with the display of details and airfare when you book a trip.

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Your booking has been confirmed by the time we notice the error and fix it. If the fare increases in the meantime, you can either agree to pay the additional amount or choose to cancel the booking. If the airline accepts your 'cancellation' application and 'refund' request, we will credit the refund to the account that you had used while making the purchase.

Usually the refund is credited in 21 business days. It may take longer depending on the transaction system of your financial institution. Make sure to check the 'transaction' policy of the financial institution. If a refund is made to you twice, you are liable to return iEagle the excess amount credited to your account. In certain cases, your request for cancellation and refund may be granted by the airline if you cancel the trip by calling our customer service department before 24 hours of the scheduled departure.

However, partially used tickets in case of one way, round trips and multi city trips can neither be cancelled nor refunded. A non-refundable ticket may only be exchanged for a new one at the equal or higher fare, not at lower fare, for traveling with the same airline on some other date. Exchange of non-refundable tickets is subject to airlines' service policy. Airlines levy a penalty, and a fare difference may arise during exchange of non-refundable tickets.

Usually, the credit for such tickets is valid for a limited period of time. You are required to check and confirm the specific expiry date with the airline directly. You must book a trip with the same airline, using the credit and paying the airline's penalty as well as an additional amount in case of fare increase within the expiry date, to avoid the loss of the credit. We cancel a confirmed trip only if it is permitted by the relevant airline.

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Usually, confirmed itineraries are not changeable. We can process your request for a change in the details of a confirmed trip for example, change of travel dates or departure point or arrival point or entire route with the airline, but it is subject to the airline's policy. Please contact our travel specialists to know the total cost of exchanging your trip for a new trip with the requested change in the itinerary details.

Modification of reservation, for instance change of travel date s , is a time-consuming process. It may take up to 72 hours for a modification request. You agree to waive any damage or loss that may occur to you due to the delay in modification. Confirmation of your requested change in the itinerary details of your confirmed trip by the airline is out of our control. Be advised to contact us rather than calling the operating airline for modification or cancellation.

If you get your reservation cancelled by the airline directly, we are not liable for any refund. If you contact the airline for modification, for instance, change of date, you may receive an additional invoice from iEagle stating the modification fee and the penalty that you are responsible to pay in accordance with our Terms of Service. If you are unable to travel due to some medical condition after your reservation is confirmed, you can cancel the ticket by paying the airline penalty and our service fee if the ticket is refundable, or change the travel date s by paying the airline penalty, our service fee and fare difference if the ticket is changeable, or you can keep the ticket in the open status for traveling within a specific period of time if the airline allows you by paying airline penalty, our service fee and fare difference or the entire value of the ticket will be forfeited.

By our terms and conditions, you acknowledge not sharing the confidential details of your e-Ticket with any third party. Any third party may misuse the information for some illegal purpose or personal benefit if the confidentiality is breached.

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Only you are considered liable in this case. If any third party uses your trip ID from the e-Ticket and cancels the flight reservation, you may not be enheaderd to refund. We don't guarantee the refund too. We may accept or reject your request to book an itinerary depending on availability of the itinerary with the relevant airline. We confirm the receipt of your 'booking' request via an email which does not imply by any means that the request is accepted.

The booking and purchase of your requested itinerary are confirmed only on payment. The 'booking' confirmation is also subject to your acknowledgement to comply with our terms of service. We may, in our sole discretion, update or modify the booking process, without any liability to notify you of the same. Any change or update in the booking process is automatically effected once it is implemented. Once the e-Ticket is issued on purchase of your requested itinerary, your name, the preferred destination and other details may not be changed.

You are required to book a trip using your own credit card if you plan to fly within a week following the booking. The name on the credit card must be identified with your name. We welcome you as valued customers of iEagle. We including iEagle employees, our affiliates, partners, suppliers and third party sellers reserve the right to monitor, review, share, publish, distribute, modify, accept or delete your submissions of reviews, suggestions, photos, videos, questions or likes received through your user account on the Website, iEagle Blog, social media pages and emails.

At the same time, you acknowledge our right to keep or omit attribution of your comments, reviews or feedback at our sole discretion, by waiving all 'moral rights' in direct or indirect connection with your submissions, and to sue any individual or group in the event of violation of your or iEagle's rights regarding user submissions which must be neither confidential nor proprietary.

By these terms, you agree to make no objection to our use, revision, modification or deletion of your submissions. We are not obliged to entertain all your suggestions, reviews and feedback. We can exercise our discretion to decide which comments to publish on the Website, the Blog and our social media pages. If you do not comply with these terms, please do not make any submission. Sometimes, seats on a flight by an airline may be overbooked. Due to overbooking, you if you are unlucky may not get a seat available on the flight for which you have got a confirmed ticket from the airline through us.

In this case, airlines manage seats for passengers by asking their volunteers to exchange their reserved seats for compensation. If seats are not managed due to the few reserved seats for volunteers, you may be denied boarding at the departure airport. In the event of involuntarily denied boarding, your reservation is cancelled and refunded by the airline. If you ever meet with such a situation, make sure to know the airline's boarding priorities and compensation rules at the airline's boarding counter or ticket counter. You should make sure that you have valid travel documents including passport and visa, in accordance with foreign entry requirements.

You should be having the type of visa or visas business, tourist, transit, and Schengen required for overseas or international travel. We neither have specific knowledge of foreign entry requirements and travel documents nor any obligation to provide information about the same. It is advisable that you check and review all preventions, warnings and advisories issued by the governments of international destinations before booking your travel. We request you to check what travel documents are required for your traveling to an international destination, with the relevant embassy.

You should approach the relevant embassy or consulate to seek the correct information about passport and visa before booking your travel or making departure. We are not liable if you are denied boarding at the origin airport or entry to the destination airport for your inability to carry or provide correct and valid travel documents including passport and visa that the operating airline or the destination country or the layover country s in case of a transit flight requires.

You may need a specific visa to transit through certain countries even if you do not get down the aircraft or go out of connecting airports. Certain countries have specific health requirements with regards to arrival of international travelers. You are responsible to make sure that you meet the health requirements for hassle-free transit through the layover airport s and entry to the destination country. You must consult a doctor, get the recommended inoculations, carry the prescribed medicines, and comply with the medical advice in connection with your international travel.

If the same itinerary is booked twice on the name of the same traveler, cancellation or refund against cancellation is not guaranteed after confirmation ticketing for the second booking which is duplicate. We can process your 'cancellation' request with the operating airline, but it is subject to the airline's policy, which is out of our control.

Usually, neither cancellation nor refund is entertained for non-refundable tickets. Most countries can rightfully ask airlines to disinsect their aircraft in order to evade all possible hazards to environment, agriculture and public health. The International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO and the World Health Organization WHO have given approval to a set of disinsection procedures, including spray of an aerosolized insecticide in the aircraft cabin when passengers are on board and spray of a residual insecticide all over the aircraft's inner surface when passengers are not on board.

Booking of flights to international destinations by iEagle or its affiliates or partners neither endorse those destinations nor ensure that travel to any of those destinations is without risk or they are worth traveling to.

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